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Born out of an unconditional love for the underground echelons of the electronic music scene, we embodies an innate affection and passion, for music on vinyl.

We like the classic plastic format for a lifetime.

We feel the thrill of a crackling vinyl LP and this graceful warm sound that goes round and round.

We are record collectors, and we just love to play music to get people up and dancing!

Playing vinyl is also a way to nourish and grow our passions...
and it's a never ending love affair.

Vinyl sounds good. Vinyl looks good. Vinyl feels good.

We are the DJs for music lovers!

Who are we?

Our team is comprised of vinyl addicts who, in addition to having a great ear for music, also have the knack for knowing the right songs to play at the right time. In fact, many of us have years of practical experience performing at a range of venues and events!


While PECCADILLOW offers a real diversity of unique talents, each with their own personality and style, all our DJs are true professionals who are passionate about music, passionate about sound, and all equally skilled at getting the party

Watch out!

So what are you
waiting for? We can get the feel of your night exactly right! Our DJs pride themselves on a fun, personable and professional approach to your event. PECCADILLOW is all about bringing the good times at your next event!

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